Delivered a cargo container and visited schools and churches 

The Lives We Impact

Meet:  Ariol is a young man who is in his last year of high school.   He is hoping to go to college so he is eager to earn some money.   He is making jewelry and we are offering it for sale.  

Meet a young husband and father of 3:  He was desperately needing money after some medical issues.    A donor sent him a small amount.  As he was telling the story to us he began to cry.   He took the money home to his wife and children and called them around the table.   He asked them if they knew where the money came from.   He explained it came from God.   God took care of them and provided for them and he wanted to make sure they knew that.   

Meet:  Alix, a young man in his last year of high school.   He is eagerly hoping to go to college.   He is learning Engish on Saturdays so he may earn money as a translator to help him reach his goal.  At 20 years old he helps his mom and 3 younger sisters with food and rent.

Meet:  an 18 month old little girl who was born hydrocephalic.    She desperately needed a shunt placed in her brain to drain off excess fluid.   We were able to arrange surgery with a doctor in Port au Prince where she had the surgery and is doing well.   


Clean Water and

Feeding Program

We're fortunate enough to have food and clean water readily available.  In one year we shipped half a million meals,  clothing, shoes, school supplies, medical supplies, and household products. 

This list details some of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.


Dreams for Haiti exists to share God's love with our Haitian brothers and sisters by helping to enrich their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives by being the hands and feet we are all called to be.   

Dreams For Haiti


Hearts And Individuals Together Intertwined

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Year round we are:

Gathering donations to ship to Gonaïves